Our Activities


Since its establishment MERRCAC is continuing its activities in the field of peaceful use of atomic energy.

1- Enhancing awareness with the principles of peace use of atomic energy through lectures, workshops and scientific forums.

2- Practical training in different laboratories on equipment related to the conducted study.

 3- Practicing the workshops with the assistance of Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority.

 4- Arranging scientific visits for trainees to various research institutes that apply nuclear techniques in medicine, industry & agriculture.

5- Supervising thesis for Masters and PhD students registered in different faculties.

6- Technical Corporation with IAEA in research projects related to hydrology and pesticide residue analysis utilizing nuclear techniques during the 1980s and 1990s

7- Conjoint related researches with various Egyptian and Arab authorities.

8 – MERRCAC issues a quarterly scientific bulletin, Isotope and radiation research since 1968.

 9 – MERRCAC provides fellowships for Arab trainees in different areas of peaceful use of atomic energy.

10 - MERRCAC provides research and Technical Corporation to industrial and Petroleum Companies

11- Summer training for under graduate students from faculties of science, agriculture and engineering.

12- Enhance awareness to technicians, specialists, custom employees, emergency & safety officers in petroleum companies and airports outlets to how to handle radioactive materials and radiological planning in cases of emergency.