Training courses and workshops

Radiation Protection:

- Radioactive detectors.

- Role of first responders to nuclear and radiological accidents.

- Emergency planning of radiological accidents.

 - Ionizing radiation sources measurement and its effect.

 - Radiological regulations.

- Confronting radiation accidents planning and prependance.

 - Securing radioisotopes laboratories.

- Radiological awareness of security officials, civil defence and custom workers.

- Awareness for technicians and specialists working in petroleum and industrial field.

 - Occupational safety and health administration for radiological and industrial facilities.

 - Safe transport of radioactive materials.

 - Radiation protection.


- Application of gamma irradiation and electron beam accelerator in different industrial applications.

  - Detection of welding and usage of gamma camera.

  - Detection of raw materials that might contain radioactivity.

  - Application of radioisotopes in the petroleum field.

  - Non-destructive techniques in industry.

  - Application of radioisotopes in specifying troubleshooting in industry.

  - Production of radioisotopes and its application in industry and environment.

Food Industry:

- Food irradiation.

  - Effect of irradiation on food commodity.

  - Local and international laws for detection of radioactive contamination.

Chemistry and Environment:

-  Methods of treatment of radioactive and chemical waste.

-  Radioactive application of chromatographic analysis (Basis and Types).

-  Management of chemical radioactive materials in ports.

-  Environmental protection using gamma irradiation and radioisotopes.


- Usage of environmental radioisotopes for assessment of water resources and environmental protection.

 - Usage of radioactive and stable isotopes in hydrological and agricultural studies.

 - Usage of environmental radioisotopes in underground water Studies.


- Using of radioisotopes and radiation in improving crop production under harsh conditions.

 - Usage of gamma irradiation in pest control.

 - Induction of mutation in plants by irradiation for better plant strain production.

- Usage of radioisotopes and mutation induced by irradiation in tissue culture and plant production.

 - Application of radioisotopes and mutation in biotechnology and genetic engineering.

- Application of biotechnology and genetic engineering and radioisotopes in biological and agricultural fields.

 - Nuclear techniques usage in animal production improvement.

- Bovine adaptation and improvement of animal production.

- Usage of radioactive and stable isotopes in detection of pesticides and its residues in the environment.


- Techniques and application of molecular Biology and radioisotope in the medical field.

- Use of radioisotope, molecular biology in the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases.

 - Medical prependance in radiological accidents.

 - Nuclear medicine and radioimmune technique in diagnosis and therapy.

- Preparation of radiolabelled diagnostic kits for the detection of tumour markers and estimation of reproductive and metabolic hormones.

- Newer techniques in pharmacological preparation of radiolabelled pharmaceuticals products.

 - Nuclear medicine: Newer methods in diagnosis and therapy.

- Using genetic engineering, radioisotopes and molecular biology in diagnosis of genetic diseases and tropical diseases in the Arab world.

- Quality control and quality Assurance of radiological equipment.

- Medical application of radiation and radioactive compounds.

- Elimination of radioactive contamination from individuals and laboratories.


- Environmental engineering for containment of radiological pollution.

 - Emerging viral diseases and vaccine technology.

- Nanotechnology and its application in the field of radioisotope.