Welcome To Merrcac


In the sixties of the past century, Middle Eastern RegionalRadioisotope Centre for the Arab Countries (MERRCAC) was established, after signing an agreement between IAEA and Egypt.

Egypt at that time proposed to offer its National Centre forRadioisotopes (Established, 1957) with all its laboratories and human resources into a regional center for training the Arab countries in the field of radioisotope applications.

The Egyptian offer was approved by 5 Arab countries, which led the agency in 1961 to organize two international training courses in the National Center in Egypt. IAEA sent experts in the nuclear field to conduct the two training courses.

The board of directors of IAEA in 1962 upon the success of the two training courses signed this agreement in September the 14th in 1962.Consequently, the Arab countries joined the agreements and submitted their agreement to Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affair. The agreement stated that the Director General or his Deputy should attend the board of the directors meetings for the first 4 years.

Our Mission

Merrcac since its establishment aimed at:

-Training of specialists on radioisotope applications by organizing training courses and workshops especially in the field of radioisotope applications in medicine, agriculture, industry physics and radiation protection.

-Conducting researches in hydrology, tropical & subtropical diseases, fertilizers and pest control and also in any nuclear techniques of interest for the Arab countries who are members in MERRCAC.

-Enhancement of research and development in Arab countries.

Our Vision

Merrcac is the first IGO concerned with the peaceful use of atomic energy in the Middle East and Africa.

Merrcac is looking forward to enhance its corporation with the Arab states and prompting the peaceful use of atomic energy through corporation with IAEA and/or its affiliated organizations in Africa and other parts of the world.